Career Services

Millennium Training Institute is committed to helping our graduates secure employment. We have an active Career Services department, and curriculum designed to support students in the early stages of career planning, prior to graduation. Students are offered a broad range of career services including individualized one-on-one career planning, resume and cover letter development and job search assistance. Although the school provides placement assistance, we cannot guarantee employment.

Part of each training program is MTI's Career Development course, which is delivered in the classroom.  The goal of this curriculum is to thoroughly prepare students in all aspects of managing their careers, from initial skills identification to negotiating the final offer.  The course is divided into a series of modules encompassing job search organization and strategy, skills identification, resume, cover letter and thank you letter writing, job search techniques, including using new media, networking and interviewing skills, business etiquette, and success in the workplace. Discussions and exercises include addressing tricky interview questions, the importance of researching and gaining as much knowledge about the prospective company as possible, and learning about their positions and fields of interest.

The final projects of this curriculum are the job search portfolio, which includes a final resume, cover letter, reference sheet, and additional materials (recommendation letters and examples of work product).  Students receive one credit hour for completing the Career Development course.

While students are in training, they receive support from the Career Services department with finalizing their job search portfolios in a professional and well-written format, job search strategy and interviewing/networking techniques. In addition, assistance is given to students to gain a better understanding of their career accomplishments, and how they can be assets in their next positions. This enhanced awareness is useful in preparing for job readiness.