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Know What Career Focused Education Is

Today, most universities require that students take a variety of liberal arts and social science classes, but research shows that this requirement is being fulfilled through courses unrelated to the student's educational path. However, MTI's students focus on the courses specific to their academic major by tailoring the required general education coursework to each student's exact academic requirements.

MTI provides relevant training programs designed to give students the skills necessary to be "employment ready" upon graduation. Courses are integrated directly into student's chosen career path.

With a career focused education, students at MTI can become eligible to sit for state licensure exams and enter the workforce upon graduation. The objective is to produce students that are ready to enter their chosen field without anything more to acquire under their belt.

Students who know what they want to do can complete their coursework in a fraction of the time it would take to achieve the same education at a traditional school. When students feel that the school is preparing them for a specific career, they are more likely to be engaged in the class. Cutting down on general education requirements allow students to graduate faster than other schools.

Another difference between MTI and other leading education providers is the way in which courses are taught. At MTI, students take one course at a time, allowing for full attention to be given to each subject during each class. This approach also allows for a greater overall retention of knowledge as well as more depth when it comes to learning. The courses themselves are provided in a modular format which is more concentrated, and run for shorter periods of time, so they are completed more quickly than a term-based educational institution.

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